1. функция, функциональная зависимость
2. функциональный элемент; функциональный блок
3. функция; назначение; обязанность; задача
accelerometer-to-control-command transfer function
admissible function
aerodynamic function
air-data function
air-to-air function
air-to-surface function
airfoil shape function
airplane transfer function
airspeed transfer function
Airy stress function
aperiodic function
approximating function
arbitrary function
augmented airplane transfer function
autocorrelation function
bank angle-to-aileron transfer function
Bessel function
Bueckner weight function
coherence function
collective transfer function
constraint function
continuous function
control function
controller transfer function
correlation function
cost function
defect stream function
delta function
describing function
Dirac delta function
displacement function
dissipation function
distribution function
disturbing function
drag function
error transfer function
explicit function
feedback transfer function
flight management function
flight path transfer function
flight-critical function
flight-generated transfer function
flight path to stick-force transfer function
fly-by-wire function
forcing function
frequency response function
Green function
ground proximity function
gust function
Hankel function
Heaviside step function
high-workload function
hyperbolic function
implicit function
indicial lift function
influence function
interpolation function
kernel function
Kussner lift growth function
Kussner's kernel function
Lagrangian function
Legendre function
lift deficiency function
likelihood function
load-factor transfer function
loading function
Lommel function
loop transfer function
lower level functions
Lyapunov function
matrix function
modal function
mode function
multistep function
objective function
open-loop transfer function
oscillatory function
output transfer function
penalty function
performance function
periodic function
pilot describing function
pilot transfer function
pitch rate to stick force transfer function
pitch rate transfer function
pitch attitude response to pilot input transfer function
pitch attitude to pitch control transfer function
pulse transfer function
quadratic cost function
Rayleigh dissipation function
receptance function
roll rate transfer function
Sears gust function
sensitivity function
shape function
sideslip-to-rudder transfer function
sign function
single-input/single-output transfer function
smoothing function
spline function
step function
stick to pitch rate transfer function
stream function
stress function
structural-control function
switch function
switching function
temporal function
Theodorsen function
torsion function
transfer function
unit-step function
Wagner function
Wagner growth function
Wagner indicial function
Walsh function
Weibull function
weight function
weighting function
Z-transfer function

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